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Do not forget the original intention, keep in mind the mission




On October 1, 1949, cheers resounded throughout China - the founding of the People's Republic of China, 70 years, how many earth-shaking changes have been made in this land, in the tenacious struggle again and again, China has risen. . In the long river of Chinese history, how many tragic sacrifices, how many struggles, how many beautiful dreams, how many glorious victories, all of these are engraved in the hearts of the Chinese people and in the heart of the People's Republic of China. on the scroll. On this special day - the 70th anniversary of the motherland's motherland, I sincerely wish you a happy birthday, flourishing, and soaring forever!

With a history of 70 years, China has gone from being poor and white to the current infrastructure maniac. If the new technology of construction will be demonstrated in the next 70 years, Nanjing Green Additive Manufacturing Research Institute Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: Green Research Institute) will be the only one in China. It is a research and development-oriented enterprise with the whole industry chain of 3D construction, mainly engaged in the research and development and manufacture of precision construction automatic machinery, high-end 3D printing technology, printing materials, and printing equipment. The company's 3D architectural printing technology has formed a whole industrial chain from planning and design, research and development of equipment, production of printing materials, and sales of structural components. On the basis of the original high-end digital equipment production, it focuses on large-scale 3D digital architectural printing combined with the industrialization technology of the construction industry. Equipment and services R&D and production of industrial printing equipment.

Some people say: 3D architectural printing is a black technology of the next generation, and it is a necessary technology for human beings to go out of the earth and live on other planets in the future. As the promoter of this black technology, the Green Research Institute has not only made breakthroughs in technology, but also Many of them brought the practicality of technology to real life, and specially printed "Don't forget the original heart and remember the mission" for the motherland's birthday to celebrate the motherland's birthday.



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