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3D printing garbage disposal station will appear in Jiangbei New District







Recently, a batch of 3D printed garbage sorting stations with different shapes appeared in Jiading, Shanghai. The intelligent "face recognition" technology implanted in them can interact with citizens, including error correction and reward points. This 3D printing waste disposal station designed and built by Nanjing Jiayi Digital Additive Technology Research Institute Co., Ltd. uses construction waste as the printing material, and will soon appear in Nanjing Jiangbei New District.

At the experimental base of the research institute located in the Research and Innovation Park of Jiangbei New District, on a large printing workbench, the print head is printing arc-shaped components according to the set program. The staff pointed out that a garbage disposal station weighs about 3 tons, and it can be formed at one time or printed in sections, and it can be completed in about 6-12 hours.

Many bricks and concrete blocks can be seen in the raw material area. According to reports, after these construction wastes are cleaned and pulverized by a special crusher, suitable particles are screened out, and the laboratory will pass the proportioning data and tests to become the final printing raw materials.

In the finished product display area, you can see a double-sided arc-shaped station building, the whole body is in the original color of textured cement, and the upper circle is full of flowers. The staff said that after delivery to Shanghai, painting and roofing will be required, and there will be a "feeling of fine decoration" when it is delivered.

Chairman Li Jin introduced that the proportion of construction waste in the garbage station building exceeds 30%. These 3D garbage stations will appear in many places in Jiangbei New District. For example, in Hatching Building, Tengfei Building, etc., they are designed in different shapes, some like a silver can, and some like a pavilion. The interior is designed with a face recognition system, a built-in trash can, and seats and other facilities as needed.

Jiayi Company cooperated with Dongda to establish Nanjing Green Additive Manufacturing Research Institute. In addition to participating in the use of waste sorting equipment, the institute is also involved in the field of 3D printing houses. The three peculiarly-shaped white buildings that recently appeared on the runway of the outdoor stadium in Jiangbei Research and Innovation Park are their products. As the city's first 3D printing building complex, it includes a public toilet, a shower room and an equipment room. .

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